Demanding hand labour is only possible with excellent hand tools. Therefore, the production quality and the cost-effectiveness depend not only on the expert, but also on the special tools.

That applies particularly to hand laminating. For this, we offer you a great choice of premium washer rollers. WOLFANGEL was the first company that introduced the PTFE rollers to the market. Our PTFE de-aeration Rollers work unsurpassed effectively and are particularly long-living. Why? It is due to the construction, to the processing and to the materials. Our washer rollers have particularly deep grooves running parallel – in comparison to the competition that offers grooves with groove threads and the results are remarkably behind ours. Due to the unique grooves geometry, the laminate is optimum de-aerated. The sunk-in axial screw, by which the roller is fixed to the handle, avoids laminate injuries. The rollers are of high quality and long-living Teflon, the hand grips are made of robust beech wood and the handles of robust round stock. Therefore, our laminating rollers have been often used daily for 10 years. For the small rollers with a diameter of 8, 10 and 15 mm, we use stainless steel bows for stability reasons. The rollers are available with a diameter of 8, 10, 15, 25 and 30 mm and a width from 30 to 195 mm. Special rollers are always available on demand.