The concept for vacuum systems of the brand Vacmobile to produce GFK parts is unique, creates a high grade vacuum and is easy to operate – for small and big companies. The Vacmobile is not only a vacuum pump, but also a complete system with collecting container for needless resin, with pressure control valve and continuous fine control of the low pressure. The system is ideal for the following fields of application: with a foil for hand and prepreg process, sandwich technology and resin infusion.
Vacmobiles are mobile and therefore applicable wherever alternating current is within reach.

The efficiency advantage: thus, the distance between the device and the vacuum is kept as small as possible. This reduces the length of the hose and the material quantity and it avoids loss of pressure by less potential leaky points. And all this reduces your costs.

The Vacmobile vacuum devices are extremely light and robust. Each day, they meet up with the hardest requirements of the industry – at the production of smaller and bigger GFK-components, for example boat bodies or the rotor blades for wind turbines.