The pneumatic progress display supports the employee applying the correct amount when gel coat spraying or glass and resin when fibre spraying.
The spray progress display is equipped with RFID (radio-frequency identification; identification by means of electromagnetic waves) and thus enables the easy and safe recognition of the mould to be used. For doing so a RFID transponder is programmed once with the quantity to be applied and allocated to a mould. If the employee holds the RFID reader to the transponder, the control recognises the quantity of material to be applied and adjusts it at the control. The transponder can easily be fastened to the mould by a screw.
The display with 160 mm diameter is installed in the spraying booth in the employee’s visual range and is clearly visible for the employee; a display of 250 mm is available on demand. While the application of material is progressing the pointer advances to 100 % and the employee recognises easily – visually – the end of the spraying process.
The control is installed outside the EX-protection-zone, so that complex ATEX-solutions are dispensed with.

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