inJect the easy way…
For years, the requirements for producers of fibre composite parts have been more and more increasing. The reasons are manifold. Not only do the effects of the year 2009 force processing companies to use resources more and more efficiently. Optimised material uses, in connection to fast production processes conserving resources, are the topics you have to deal with today. Not least does the commitment of the automotive industry concerning the increased use of carbon affect the FVK market. Sooner or later we will have to face these requirements. It is not only about the production of components by high pressure injection plants or cost-intensive presses. It is rather about the use of intelligent control in plant engineering making sure the optimum use of materials and supporting that the required quality is ensured.
Safe and controlled processes are the important advantages. They always control the quantity of resin coming into the component and are thus able to configure their PLC according to the component.They have the possibility to inject in different pressure stages and to adjust the dosing ratio during the production of bigger components. Your employee only has the rights of changing the control you give him. Embed the plant in your network and configure the iJect from your desk.
If you would like additional information about the possibilities that an iJect offers you, then take a look here.